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My apologies; nothing much here yet, I'm afraid. Currently, all there is (to look at) is a re-built template i have taken from, a site offering Open Source web-design templates for use for personal or business websites

However, the goal of this site, currently, is to experiment a bit more with what (X)HTML and CSS have to offer aswell as re-vamping my 'personal' homepage to something that has a CMS running in the background.

As things stand currently, the system uses HTML::Template to parse (selectable) HTML-templates to be used for filling in content on the site. Also, data-base design for the content/meta-database is in the process of being implemented (in PostgreSQL and Perl-DBI/DBD).

All content, including management of menus, etc, will eventually reside in the database, fillable/constructable preferably by means of a web-based private backend. it's not there yet, however. Yes, I do realize that this looks like a 're-invention of the wheel'. However, one must have programmed one of these systems at least once in one's stay on the web, no? On PyBlosxom.

Other Stuff

Other things to look for on this site, eventually, should be things like a photo-gallery of my adventures with a Minolta dImage 7Hi camera that I play around with, though currently I also own a Canon EOS350D, aswell as it's less advanced analog brother, the Canon EOS300. (These are known in North America as EOS Digital RebelXT and Rebel2000, I believe..silly people). Also, perhaps on this site, or on the kiting-site, mentioned above, I'll be providing more information about my kite(s), flying them and perhaps even move the diaries and link-collections to this site, to keep things clean/simple to maintain.

Other things might be info about other hobbies and interests I have; playing around with *nix's , Xbox-hardware (and thus, Linux on the Xbox.) Also, software-projects I busy myself with and perhaps my collection of media I own (literature, RPG-books, CD's and other boring things nobody in their right mind might be interested in).

For now, you've reached this dead end; enjoy!